Arcadia Missa Gallery & Publishers

Arcadia Missa gallery was founded in November 2014, after having been a project space between 2011-2014. Arcadia Missa publications are comprised of the journal How to Sleep Faster, artist and writer novellas, and occasional anthologies such as Re-Materialising Feminism.

Rózsa Farkas: Founder, Director
Justine Do Espirito Santo: Managing Director
Ruth Pilston: Editor
Niina Ulfsak: Gallery Assistant
Website Design: The Ideal Press

The gallery does not accept unsolicited artist submissions or proposals.

Unlike our space in South London, we were unable to get a ground floor location for the gallery in Soho. Arcadia Missa is now on the first floor with access via a steep narrow staircase which may present difficulties for those with physical disabilities. We apologise for this, please email us for additional documentation and information on our exhibitions if you would like to view shows but have accessibility needs that our space doesn’t meet.

Arcadia Missa
14 – 16 Brewer Street, First Floor

Access to the gallery is up the staircase to the first floor through the first door on the left.

Opening Times:
Wednesday – Saturday
12pm – 6pm

Telephone: +44 7947 809753

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