Arcadia Missa focuses on contemporary art with intent & began as a self-organised space in austerity Britain

Arcadia Missa began as a project space in 2011 and became a gallery representing artists in late 2014. We have been publishing books since 2011. Research carried out at the gallery also emerges within Arcadia Missa publications and in off site projects at institutions including DRAF (London), South London Gallery (London), Astrup Fearnley Museet (Oslo), & spaces such as Embassy (Edinburgh), 55 Sydenham Road (Sydney) and Tank.TV (Online and London). Arcadia Missa publications are comprised of the journal How to Sleep Faster, artist and writer novellas, and occasional anthologies such as Re-Materialising Feminism.

Rózsa Farkas: Founder, Director
Ruth Pilston: Gallery Manager, Associate Editor
Sharlean Reynolds, Chloe Filani: Gallery Assistants
Website Design: The Ideal Press

The gallery does not accept unsolicited artist submissions or proposals.

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If you are visiting Arcadia Missa and you don’t know the area particularly well, we would like to ask you to engage with the history and the context of Peckham, which has seen rapid gentrification causing inflated rents and displacement. Art galleries and artists are, as we know, positioned within this process in more than one way. Being mindful of this is an ongoing and active process and can be done in small and big ways. One of the small ways that attention to this issue and respect for the area can be carried out is that money is not spent in Trojan Horse businesses. Supporting local businesses run by people who have lived in the area before it was considered a destination is important. Here are just a few places we recommend:

Ganapati South Indian Restaurant
Codfellas Fish and Chips
The Nags Head Pub
Cafe Spice
The Gowlett Pub
Manze’s Pie and Mash
Salas (wraps food truck)
JB’s Soul Food
Zionly Manna Vegan Restaurant
Obalende Suya Express
Rye Lane Market (food, shopping, salon)
DKUK Salon

Arcadia Missa
Unit 6
Bellenden Road Business Centre
SE15 4RF
(Entrance on Lyndhurst Way)

Opening Times:
Wednesday – Saturday
12pm – 5pm

Telephone: +44 7947 809753

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