Lessons in Anti Apathy

4th August 2016

Lessons in Anti Apathy – with Sisters Uncut, Strike! Magazine, whereisanamendieta and Dysphoria Collective

Hosted by Liv Wynter

The current political climate appears to have created a split between those taking to the streets and those who have spiraled into a perpetual state of apathy, into stone cold coolness and a total lack of engagement. Capitalism, racism and patriarchy want you to feel powerless in order to thrive, and to fight back is to begin to dismantle these oppressive structures. Institutions of power must be held accountable, from the gallery to the government to the facist police state.

Arcadia Missa are bringing together 4 politically active organising groups to form a panel to discuss how to create, organise and demand change.

Sisters Uncut – We are Sisters Uncut. We stand united with all self-defining women who live under the threat of domestic violence, and those who experience violence in their daily lives. We stand against the life-threatening cuts to domestic violence services. We stand against austerity.

Whereisanamendieta – WHEREISANAMENDIETA is an archiving project which collects the artworks and writings from artists who are female, non binary or people of colour as a retaliation to the erasure of our works and our histories by institutions. We intend to create a platform where people can safely create this work without risking institutional backlash or being blacklisted for political involvement.

Strike! magazine – STRIKE! Magazine never speaks from one perspective, but is a platform for those involved in grassroots resistance, anti-oppression politics, and the philosophies surrounding these movements. We prioritise the voices of people directly affected by oppressive structures, those on the front lines of political change. STRIKE! presents radical politics and philosophy using accessible language, supported by engaging design and powerful imagery.

Dysphoria Collective – We are a radical trans health collective that produces publications around the idea of mental health and how it relates to trans identity, especially ideas around dysphoria and mental health. We are also a burgeoning protest collective doing direct actions for improving trans healthcare.