Danklands Launch


Danklands Launch


featuring readings by:
Cristine Brache
Sarah M Harrison
Aimee Heinemann
Holly Childs

within the space of Quake II at Arcadia_Missa

Danklands: The hottest day of summer. Two swans kissing on a hill. A $4,000,000 luxury boat on fire. A stolen Maserati. Thigh-high wading through a swamp that’s not on maps. An electromagnetic frequency shield worn as a belly-button ring. A three-and-a-half-month-long power nap.

Sydney-based writer Astrid Lorange describes Danklands as: ‘anarcho-cartography: a series of fragments and half-dialogues, unsynthesised and multiply networked.’

The latest in Arcadia Missa’s newest book series – carefully selected Artist Books and single-author novellas.

Limited Edition of 100 UK copies, signed by the author.

100 pages. 2014. published by Arcadia Missa.

Available from the gallery at the launch and from usual stockists and A_M website after.

Supported by Australia Council for the Arts.