EJournal E1 Launch


EJournal E1 Launch

25th May 2012

ARACDIA_MISSA htsf e1 Ejournal out 25th May, Launched with SNAP!

The upcoming e-journal is a separate publication to our print journal. It acts as both a further link between our public programme and print journal, more visual than text based (a hybrid of a downloadable exhibition and a publication). It can be described as an environment that will create the landscape / setting for HtSF 3 and Arcadia Missa 2012 programming.

Harry Sanderson
Iain Ball
Emily Jones
Yuri Pattison
Dan Szor
Daniella Russo and Thomas McCarron Shipman
William Kherbek
Anthony Davies, Nils Norman and Howard Slater
Harry Burke
+ more