Okey Dokey 2017

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Okey Dokey

Phoebe Collings-James

September 2017

Arcadia Missa presents Phoebe Collings-James
at Galerie Max Mayer

Collings-James chooses to use her whole body in the creation of her paintings, whether by using it to spread oil paint on an unstretched canvas, crushing eggs with her feet or stepping on ivory black pigment and tracing her footprints on it. The body of the artist is present in the tactile form of the paintings and ceramics. Through gestures and fingerprints the works speak of the inescapability of marks of identity – in particular the artist’s race and gender. There is a balance between rage and fragility in these works presented here for Okey Dokey, a balance that questions the relationship between violence and desire.

Phoebe Collings-James is a black British artist. Her work is an exploration of self, living interconnections and all media, which throw light on a continued postcolonial unease. Recent exhibitions include Harlem Postcards, Studio Museum Harlem, ATROPHILIA, Company Gallery, New York, Just Enough Violence, Arcadia Missa, London and Blood on the Leaves Blood on the Roots, Preteen Gallery, Mexico City. Upcoming in 2017 she will be creating a soundtrack for a touring solo performance by long time collaborator, choreographer Jamila Johnson-Small.

Max Mayer Hosting, Arcadia Missa (London), Miguel Abreu Gallery (New York), Misako & Rosen (Tokyo). Okey Dokey is a collaborative exhibition project of galleries and exhibition spaces in Cologne and Düsseldorf with international colleagues.