On Longing

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On Longing

March 2017

Private View: 4th March 2017, 6-8pm
Exhibition: 5th March – 26th March 2017
Gallery Open 12-6pm Wednesday – Sunday

Simeon Barclay
Laure Prouvost
Jordan Nassar
Sarah M Harrison

The concept of the assemblage has enjoyed a flat appreciation within the art historical canon – one that focuses
on a linear progression from the format of the readymade, to a debunking of traditional notions of authorship.
The act of recovering material does – to an extent – undermine grand narratives of the creator-author. For many
the individual is a myth, a premise invented through and for the insufficiencies of consumerism. The personal is
historical, and instead we find ourselves met in many moments with an inability to escape plurality.
To look at the past calls into view a question asked by Denise Riley: How do we know the past is over?
In burrowing out of the past – through reconstituted language, found imagery, novel processes – we assert this
question. The material realities of history underscore the past as existing still now, in particular through the
formation of place and identity.
A suspicion around nostalgia is healthy; nostalgia is predicated on identification with the image of a past that
never was. Nostalgia is a corrupted past.
How much can we trust recollections, nostalgia in its artificial protectant, and the power of former narratives in
conjuring our present and ourselves? The weaving of new constellations of meaning is what we can trace
through the works – from a starting point of confusion that we understand as memory.

Arcadia Missa @255 Canal Street, NYC