Palace of Peace and Reconciliation


Palace of Peace & Reconciliation

28th February 2013

Arcadia Missa is excited to announce the launch of an exhibition and edition by Viktor Timofeev, featuring contributions from the following artists, whom have responded to the title Palace of Peace and Reconciliation –

Stephan Backes
Cindie Cheung
Maria Gorodeckaya
Kaspars Groševs
Bryce Hackford
Emily Jones
Chris King
Paul Timofeev
Simon Werner
Lawrence Lek
Marina Malidzanovic
Darja Melnikova
Alex Rathbone
Clifford Sage
Camila Sotomayor
Takeshi Shiomitsu

The edition also includes a vinyl and CD album of music by Viktor Timofeev, released on Lo Bit Landscapes. This iteration of Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, at Arcadia Missa Gallery, marks the collection and pause in a body of work, formed over a period of time and across locations and encounters.

the value of a backstory
the value of improvisation
the value of cathartic escapist strategies as process
the value of having imaginary friends
the value of shared physical communal experience

The launch event is also the third birthday party of Arcadia Missa Gallery, and features performances by Clifford Sage, Viktor Timofeev, and Simon Werner.

Launch Event: Friday 28th February, 6-10pm
Exhibition Runs: Saturday 1st March – Saturday 8th March, 12-5pm and by appointment.