Everyday Luxuries

Everyday Luxuries

Habib William Kherbek

In today’s competitive market, luxury brands have to connect with customers in more creative ways than ever. With mainstream brands pushing up into the premium category and traditional luxury and fashions accessories brands moving into the mass market, it means that real luxury has to distinguish itself cleverly and distinctively to retain its cachet and mystique. As shoe designer Christian Louboutin says, “Luxury is the possibility to stay close to your customers, and do things that you know they will love.”

William Kherbek is the writer of the novels Ecology of Secrets and ULTRALIFE (Arcadia Missa 2013 & 2016) and the poetry collections retrodiction (left gallery 2016), 26 Ideologies for Aspiring Ideologists (If a Leaf Falls Press 2018), and Everyday Luxuries.


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