How To Sleep Faster 2


How to Sleep Faster (Winter 2011) Issue 2.
Arcadia Missa Publication; eds Rozsa Farkas, Tom Clark et al.

How to Sleep Faster 2 is the second of our biannually published journals that form the backbone of Arcadia Missa’ critical collaborative discourse on participation, post-digital visual-production and institutional subjectivity.

This issue explores moments of collapse, shift and potential in a cultural moment framed by economic, political and societal disturbance.

It features contributions from:

Joseph Waller
Katrina Palmer – Door, Handle
Lily Keal – Interview with Asta Meldal Lynge and Tom Clark
Jon Crook – Exploring Dichotomies
N55 – Manual For Land
Nick Bates & YBT
Joe Luna – Statement for YBT: Redux
Matty Mastrandrea – The Denial of Disaster/The Disaster of Denial.
Doug and Mike Starn – Big Bambu
Cicely Farrer – The Contemporary Sublime/The Rupture Series.
Lucien Murat

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