How To Sleep Faster Issue 1


How to Sleep Faster #1


HEREHEREHow To Sleep Faster (Spring 2011) Issue 1.
Arcadia Missa Publications; Rozsa Farkas, Tom Clark, Jammie Nicholas, Laura Farley (eds)

How to Sleep Faster is published as part of the collaborative discussion that form the critical direction of the gallery. and sits alongside the first two exhibitions – Sleep Faster (February), and How to Carve Totem Poles (March). It has been put together as an open ended continuation of this dialogue through which we seek to understand the contradictions / complexities that define and form our experience, existence and participation in a contemporary digital-analogue creative environment.


Asta Meldal Lynge – About a Hailstorm.
Jon Crook – Social Memory and Our Surroundings.
Katrina Sluis – Future Semantitc Web.
John Hill – Politics and Hash Tags.
Matty Mastrandrea – Virtually Dead: The Body of Architecture.
Rozsa Farkas – On BBM and Collaboration.
Russell Hill.
Raphael Julliard.
Luke Hart.
Wojciech Kosma.
Alex Sprogis.
AAR Materials.

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