How To Sleep Faster Issue 3


How To Sleep Faster #3


How To Sleep Faster (Autumn 2012) Issue 3.
Arcadia Missa Publications; Rozsa Farkas, Tom Clark, Harry Burke (eds)

How is survivalism mediated in contemporary culture? . . .

For this issue we asked the semi-speculative question: is it possible that survivalism is our only remaining ideological position. This was in part to see how we might be able to understand a hyper, hysterical, hyperbolic moment of cultural production as either indicative of, or (more hopefully) creating the momentum for an escape from, an age of contemporary ‘cynical reason’.

Amalia Ulman
Rozsa Farkas
Jon Nash
Federico Campagna
Sam Mead
Eleanor Ivory Weber
Katja Novitskova/Harry Burke
Howard Slater
John Hill
Melika Ngombe Kolongo
Thomas McCarron Shipman
William Kherbek
Megha Ralapati
Felix Petty
Rob Jump
Goth Tech
Hannah Perry
Yuri Pattison
Iain Ball
Emily Jones

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