Upgrade Me


Upgrade Me – DVD/Zine

Gaby Sahhar

Upgrade Me (2016) asks how do the technological systems we use to enhance and exercise control over our lives form us in turn? With special focus on the male and his relationship to labour in the City of London, this film performance explores the relationship between the male ego and modern technology – in particular personal gadgets – in a city business environment such as the City of London or Canary Wharf. Upgrade Me questions the changes in role-playing and identity formation in a society of advanced Capitalism.

The film tracks the the main character in his home and work life through the changing relationship between himself and his personal gadgets. The obsessive love and empowerment he feels for modern technology eventually leads him to surrender to his technology. In a freak radioactive accident he merges with his tech and leaves the human race, becoming a technological spare part. Ultimately, he merges with his smartphone in the hope it will make him perform better in daily life and better him as a man. As the film goes on his performance capabilities are put to the test. Striving for ‘optimization’ and ‘enhancement’, as the film closes he is seen edging closer towards ‘malfunction’.

DVD with paperback zine

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