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New Noveta/Sophie Sleigh-Johnson


Thursday 3, 6.30-9pm

Thrust into hidding recordings
Always tracing cracks, the well just breathing, cascades
The women, inhaled mud, trickles, powdered blue
Endless mudflats
Programmed to circle, pause, slam.
Breathing out
Pores and fibre flood, drain.

Performance: 5/4/18 7pm at Arcadia Missa, Peckham.
Accompanied by a live transmission fom Runwell, Essex to Cealdwiellla, Peckham, broadcast live on the Arcadia Missa website

Exhibition Opening: 7/4/18 3-8pm Arcadia Missa, Soho.
Exhibition continues until 28/4/18
1st Floor, 14 Brewer st

Replay of performance/transmission audio on Resonance 104.4 fm 16/4/18

Costume design by Gabriella Massey of Atelier Bâba
Mixing and live transmission by Vindicatrix

Cealdwiellla has been realised with generous additional support from The Arts Council of England.