London, UK

Hamishi Farah

2 June – 30 August 2023

Annual summer holiday close 10 – 19 August

London, UK is Hamishi Farah’s first solo exhibition in the UK. 

The gallery contains 3 paintings, Roberto Cavalli, Beyoncé, & Whale, and a letter from a London legal firm on behalf of their client seeking to colonise or reappropriate the physical body of Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.

The work in this exhibition proceeds from an assumption that the elliptical thrust that animated the development of conceptual art practice stems from a libidinal attempt to recover and make into surplus the structure of loss expended by the deracinated art object (née cultural artifact), as an immaterial effect of coloniality. 

In this exhibition Hamishi Farah offers readily available images of celebrities and animals for audiences to consume and respond to.

Born in 1991, Hamishi Farah is an artist who focuses primarily on the limitations of conceptual, critical, and socially reflective painting in institutional, off-site, and commercial spaces.  

Special thanks to Billy Coulthurst.