BINTS! – EPUB Edition


– a conversation between Mistress Rebecca
and the Elysiam Harvester.

Reba Maybury


One day Mistress Rebecca signs into ‘The largest BDSM website in the world’ and receives a message from ‘mallarme1’ stating:

Dear Rebecca,
I feel compelled to say that there is something mind-deliquescingly powerful about a lubriciously lovely woman whose form is encased in latex; it’s the way it throws your exquisite shape into soul- eviscerating relief while concealing the details – a tactile conundrum. You are one of the most beautiful females on CS.
If I were younger, you were well-versed in philosophy and literature and you wer- en’t a “working girl”, I would be very keen to speak with you.
I recall being your age and being in demand in the sexual market place, thinking it would last eternally. It doesn’t, so make the most of it.
The Elysium Harvester.

This book traces their absurd yet modern conversation spanning the last few years.

100% ‘submade’ with all profits going to SWARM Collective.


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