Metabolize, If Able


Clay AD

Metabolize, If Able is a queer correspondence sent from a dystopian future. ​Clay AD’s hybrid-novel​ follow​s​ the lives of clones​ and their spawn through ​medical charts, IMs, self-help meditations, screenplays, and, of course, epistles. ​For the clones, a ​corporation​ controls life and death, sickness and wealth. Corp doctors, or DRs, bring the clones to life and assign them work. But DRs restrict clone reproduction. They pathologize and withhold care. They keep the clones sick. What happens when the clones and their anti-Corp cell turn illness into a weapon? AD’s ​sci-fi world posits the hope found in collective intimacy & the struggle against state control.

Clay AD mak​es text, sounds, videos and movement around themes of sci-fi, illness and ecology​ and they offer their work to you​. Based in Berlin, AD studies somatics and movement. They organize and think with others, they make music on a home-karaoke machine, they envision what autonomous, feminist healthcare could be in present and future conditions. AD was ​born in Indianapolis, I​N. First published in 2018 by Monster House Press, Metabolize, If Able was named a finalist in the 31st Lambda Literary Award for LGBTQ Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror.

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