White ppl think I’m radical

Hamishi Farah & Aria Dean

18 February – 29 April 2017

Private View: 17 February 2017
Gallery Open 12-5pm Thursday-Friday

The exhibition is the friendship the friendship is the exhibition.

Arcadia Missa presents an exhibition of new works by artists Hamishi Farah and Aria Dean. The two artists, working in different modes and mediums and living across the globe from each other, approach the problems, possibilities, and violences of portraiture. In reflecting the gaze upon which he is seen, Farah paints himself, while Dean’s scattered sculptural and moving image-based works take a different route and delve into the formation of identity through various intersecting histories. Both artists are questioning what is representable and how to represent, through this the exhibition also becomes a non-record of their friendship, a stretching of their muscles, an instantiation of the connectedness of diasporic blackness.